The #1 Teacher Rose is the perfect gift and keepsake to style Teacher's desk and remind them of your childs memorable year.

It is always a struggle to buy a gift for a Teacher that they might actually enjoy or use, so why not treat them to an everlasting rose, which will brighten their desk for years to come.

The # 1 Teacher Personalised Rose is made from high quality paper with the words "No. 1 Teacher" in a variety of fonts. The rose can be further personalised to add your Teacher's and child's name, so it reads "No 1 Teacher Mrs Hole, Thank you Millie," for example. Simply choose the option "Personalised Rose."

The rose, is wrapped in a cone using a fabric of your choice, which you can decide under the option "Fabric choice." The cone is filled with tissue paper and finished with a ribbon, (also of your choice) and a gift tag which you can add your messge too. There is a seperate gift tag which reads "Thank you for helping me grow."

made from:
Paper, fabric and wire.

Measures approximately 10cm x 30cm

#1 Teacher's Personalised Paper Rose